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About Navitron

Navitron is a high-performance counter for number of process, production,and maintenance. It is suitable for machine tools such as resistance welding machine, tapping machine, and pressing machine.


The number of POINT (work per machine) can be set to 99 !!
Production scheduled number can be set and reported !!
Maintenance scheduled number can be set and reported !!
Having a data memory function, you can keep working with security !!
Your data is maintained, even if the electricity was cut off without warning or power failure happened.

Easy to connect to SMK’s ”POOR WELD DETECTION SYSTEM navi” !!
To prevent a miscount of poor weld !!


navi Counter


Having completion output terminals for number of process (POINT), production, and maintenance !! 

It is easy to connect to a large display device for production management and a mixing prevention shutter for unprocessed product,to control to stop and complete a machine tool, to display completion of a revolving light, and to control alarm device.
Out put terminals

 Examples of use

Examples of use

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