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Cap Tip Stand

A stand for arranging and managing cap tips
If setting Cap Tip Stand on the welding machine, tip replacement is so smooth and work efficiency is improved.


Clamp Plate

 SMK Original products 

Meiku Specifications


Blades For Hand Tip Dressers

 New size available. 

Meiku Specifications
Suitable for ETD-18 series
Suitable for Tip Grinding Unit


φ9 Cap Tips

 New size available. 

φ9 L=17


Raku Raku Wrench High-power Type For φ19 captip

 New size available. 

Raku Raku Wrench for Φ19 is  suitable for cap tip of taper Φ14 taper spec.


Two Point Welding Holder

 New size available. 

Tip spacing can be selected from 20 mm to 150 mm.


Straight Shank with Ring

 New size available. 

φ16 T=1/10


Straight Shank with Ring

Straight Shank with Ring designed to reduce wear on the shank shoulder when using a Raku Raku wrench.


Block Holder

Block Holder is suitable for projection welding and so forth because no deflection occurs at the time of pressurization.
Attaching a special shank for block holder enables to use cap tips too, so it broadens the range of welding operations.


L Type Holder Interference Avoidance Type

F-type hose connector is designed on the holder side to reduce interference with the welder.


Inner Electrodes

The Inner Electrode is designed to weld the inside of sheet metal housing.
We have high cooling effect cap tip specification and mini tip specification which is ideal for welding in narrow spaces, so you can choose according to your welding environment.