About Cap Tips

Replaceable tips. Higher in economic efficiency and cooling effect.
Choose the proper material and tip shape for your welding conditions.


Chromium Copper (CrCu) RWMA CLASS 2

Hard, high in electric and thermal conductivity. Chromium copper has been widely used in spot welding of mild
steel sheet.

(Al2O3Cu)Alumina Dispersion Strengthened Copper RWMA CLASS 20

Harder, higher in electric and thermal conductivity than chromium copper.  Due to the properties of alumina, Alumina Dispersion Strengthened Copper is highly heat-resistant and less likely  to stick to workpieces during welding. It gives the best performance in welding surface-treated steel sheets, thin steel sheets under low pressure, and electronic parts such as wire leads.


M2 is an alloy of chromium copper, zirconium, and other elements. It is harder than zircochromium copper.
M2 is coated with a special material and mainly used for cap tips because of its high quality, longer operating life,and melt-resistance.


Alloy of chromium copper, zirconium, and silicon. Harder and more durable than chromium copper. MCZ is widely used for cap tips.

Nose Type

Please choose the proper Cap Tip for your welding conditions.

Cap tips

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