Poor weld detection system
Platen-navi Air Cylinder specification



Platen-navi Air Cylinder specification detects with a high accuracy whether or not the nut and the workpiece are set correctly right before welding.
This product has internal air cylinder to keep the performance of the conventional detection system. Also the body is miniaturized.
This poor weld detection system was developed to make it possible to mount on any welding machine.

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Platen-navi sensor unit

Internal air cylinder
Stroke 30mm

When you turn the air off, the guide pin lowers, dressing is easy without removing the electrode.

Compact design
Can be detected in a narrow space

Equipped as standard with a quick exhaust valve that instantly discharges the compressed air in the air cylinder. 
Improve durability of the air cylinder.

Holder screw diameter can be selected from 2 types.

Excellent cooling effect

Internal water-cooling system that directly cools the inside of the holder reduce abrasion and spatter adhesion caused by heat on the electrode part.

Positioning is much easier

Air blow system reduces spatter adhesion to nuts, guide pins, and inside of the unit. Air-cooling effect prevents heating of the electrode. This system also leads to guide pin buoyancy effect, and improve detection accuracy.


Taper base

Use when mounting to a horn style welding machine. 

Flange base

Use when mounting to a projection welding machine.

Ceramics guide pin specification

Ceramics guide pin (Silicon nitride) is included as standard equipment.
Ceramics guide pin has high hardness and long service life. Because there is no electrocorrosion, nor abrasion.
Also there is no adhesion of spatter and jamming of nut.
The use of silicon nitride guide pins stabilizes navi measurements.

Air-Bleeding Valve

Air-Bleeding Valve is included as standard equipment, which enables quick air bleeding in electrode replacements.

Air Blow system

Air blow system reduces spatter adhesion to nuts, guide pins, and inside of the unit. Air cooling effect prevents heating of the electrode.

Platen-navi controller

  • CE marking acquisition
  • Palm-sized, outstanding operability
  • Overlapped nuts detection (optional sensor)
  • Manufacturing defects prevention
  • Error display


AC adapter

Junction cable for manual operation

Controller mounting plate

Cable Tie

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