For manual operation

Workpieces are set manually. Suitable for operations feeding nuts manually or by nut feeder.

Handy-navi Controller




This product is exclusive to manual welding. Suitable for nut setting both by nut feeder and by hand.
Palm-sized compact body. Lightweight.
Suitable for any type of nut: square, hex, ring, pilot, seal nut, etc.
Reference point setting. All you have to do is to press a key.
Capable of detecting overlapped nuts. Connect a store-bought sensor derectly to terminal block. Sensor is optional.
Judgment time should be the same as the squeezing time on the welding machine.
Every judgment result (distance from the reference point) is indicated in increments of 0.01 mm.
Tolerance in nut judgment can be set in increments of 0.01 mm.
In the data setting mode, current guide pin height is constantly indicated in increments of 0.01 mm.  Measurement range -9.99 to +9.99 mm.
In case an error occurs, the error is indicated in a code.
All the wiring uses cable connector system. Configuration is easy..
It is possible to change the display of a terminal block from NG output to OK output with panel key.
It is possible to set power supply frequency (50Hz/60Hz)with panel key.
It is possible to set(JUDGE) ON/OFF with panel key.

Handy-navi Unit





Air-Bleeding Valve!!

Air-Bleeding Valve is included as standard equipment, which enables quick air bleeding in electrode replacements.

Ceramics guide pin specification!!

Ceramic guide pin (Silicon nitride) has high hardness and long service life. Because there is no electrocorrosion, nor abrasion. Also there is no adhesion of spatter and jamming of nut.

Excellent cooling effect!!

Inner water-cooling system directly cools inside the holder. It reduces wear and tear from the heat from electrodes and spatter adhesion.

Space saving!!

Slim and compact body without water jacket or intermediate adapters allows minimum interference with your workpieces.

Positioning is much easier!!

You don't have to bother with positioning at every replacement of electrodes and other parts.

Air blow system!!

Air blow system reduces spatter adhesion to nuts, guide pin, and inside the unit.  Air-cooling effect reduces the heat of electrodes.