About Flow Switch

Detect whether the water is flowing or not  Welding machine dose not start without water flow!!

Flow Switch

With flow control switch

By detecting fluid flow, it turns on the switch. Flow rate 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0L/min.

Flow is clearly visible at glance

Detector for the flow of fluid in the visual motion of the float inside transparent tube.

With protective cover

With metal protective cover, it reduce possibility of damage caused by impact from the outside.

Mounting position is flexible

Upward, downward or sideways, mounting position is flexible as spring inside.

 Number of metal connector pin

Connector pin

Wiring connection

Electric wiring


Cautions for magnetic influence

Lead switch is operated by magnetic. Please be sure to keep and use
away from other magnetic influence.
In case there is other magnets like iron around lead switch, could cause

Cautions for electric wiring

Be sure to wire flow switch that lead switch never get overcurrent by
ground wire connection failure.
Normally in the condition of 100v and 0.5A, it is available to use
one-million times.